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Atelier Boutique Plastic Bag

Atelier Boutique Plastic Bag

35 GBP
Plastic carrier bag from Atelier Boutique, Edinburgh.

Atelier E.B. is the company name under which the artist Lucy McKenzie and the designer Beca Lipscombe sign their collaborative projects. The group was formed in 2007 by Lipscombe and the illustrator Bernie Reid, who are based in Edinburgh, and McKenzie, who is originally from Glasgow and lives in Brussels. The intention from the beginning has been to explore the commercial realities of production and distribution, and, by extension, to incorporate the expertise and pragmatism of the applied arts to fine art. Underpinning their ethos is a desire to form new associations, where both research-led and self-generated material combine to create a vision which is both personal and critical of contemporary mores. Of utmost importance is their desire to work with the best in local industry and independent producers and thinkers. 

Size: 38 x 46cm