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The Cable Guys - Future Gallery

The Cable Guys - Future Gallery

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Exhibition Catalogue from The Cable Guys - Future Gallery 
Alice Channer, Spiros Hadjidjanos, Seth Price, Paul Sharits
1 May. – 7 Jun. 2014
 The fundamental idea the exhibition stems from is that photography transformed the entire world into a readymade, an image-bank. Since then, the world became fully photographed, mapped, signified and codified. Therefore, we are always, already, inside circulation, constantly moving between networks.
Under these circumstances, the category of the photographic can no longer be defined on the basis of a quintessential difference – technical, material, historical, or disciplinary – but should primarily address the circulation of sights, objects, bodies and spaces through ever-changing configurations of basic data units.

Size: 23 x 17cm
pp. 24