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Wu Tsang at Isabella Bortolozzi, 2014 - Press release

Wu Tsang at Isabella Bortolozzi, 2014 - Press release

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Press release from Wu Tsang 'A Day in the Life of Bliss' at Isabella Bortolozzi
2nd May - 31st July 2014  

A day in the life of bliss tells the story of Blis, a performer celebrated as a Pop star, in the style of a science fiction scenario. Blis lives in the near future, in a world dominated by totalitarian surveilance systems. An artificial intelligence named Looks uses humanity’s obsession with self-promotion and self-presentation in digital networks to control society. Blis has an ambivalent relationship with her own fame and leads a subversive double-life in the underground scene. Blis is played by American performance artist boychild. Her androgynous physique and the expressive force of her dancing counters the overwhelming loss of the physical and the de-personalization of social contact. 

Size: 21 x 30cm
pp. 4