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Consensus (The Room) by Karl Larsson

Consensus (The Room) by Karl Larsson

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Consensus (The Room) is a theater play in two acts that may not be designed to be performed. Characters, props and places don't follow each other but they look alike. They don't communicate. They remain stubborn, or stupid—as if they were blind to their destinies, content with hearing voices.
The scene gives room for writing; the stage gives way to the text. Words are to be handled and exchanged, the same way money circulates, glasses are filled up and emptied out, wars are remembered, and phones call on ghosts.

Published in conjunction with Karl Larsson's shows R,A,I,N (Consensus) at Signal, Malmö, and P∞L (Consensus) at castillo/corrales, Paris, in 2012-2013.

Size: 13 x 20cm
pp. 92
ISBN: 978-2-918252-19-1