Frenetic Happiness
Matias Faldbakken / OCA 2012

Matias Faldbakken / OCA 2012

Press release for Matias Faldbakken ‘Portrett Portrett Av Av A A Generasjon Generasjon' (in Norwegian) at OCA, Oslo
Size: 21 x 30cm

This solo exhibition by Matias Faldbakken reflects the artist´s on-going interest in transforming an existing language of forms related to a particular period in modernism. For this specific project, Faldbakken has sourced iconic sculptures created in Norway in the 20th century to carry out a condoned vandalism. Faldbakken essentially de-skills modernist sculpture’s aspirations toward the aerodynamically abstract and the utopically minimal by acrobating respected works of sophisticated ‘art’ into vessels for intoxication.