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Pablo Pedersen - Å Oppdage Picasso i Norge

Pablo Pedersen - Å Oppdage Picasso i Norge

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Pablo Pedersen - Å Oppdage Picasso i Norge

Who is Pablo Pedersen? The first book from the publisher Particular Facts discovers Pablo Pedersen, the aesthetic and cultural legacy of Picasso in Norway.

When the artist Carl Nesjar was decorating the Norwegian Government buildings in the 1950s, his Spanish collaboration partner was given the pseudonym Pablo Pedersen. Veiled with both a false name and covers Nesjar sandblasted Picasso’s drawings in the buildings’ natural concrete. This was the beginning of Picasso’s connection to Norway, but where is it today?

Seen in the context of Norwegian art and cultural history, the author Olav Løkken Reisop has created a text based on his own inquires about Pablo Pedersen. On the basis of the exhibition MoDERNISM MACHINE at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in Oslo last year, the social anthropologist Theodor Barth and Academy of Fine Art Oslo student Henrik Mojord Jahnsen explore in a longer essay what it means to take another artist’s work in your own hands. Earlier HOK Director Per Hovdenakk furthermore reveals the Norwegian artists’ relationship to Picasso in the 1930s.
The book also presents a series of archival photos from the popular Picasso exhibition at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in 1992. Finally, the editor Kristina Ketola Bore ask contemporary artists Lene Berg, Ane Hjort Guttu, Marte Johnslien and Torbjørn Rødland how they relate to Picasso.

Edition of 500
Size: 20 x 13cm
pp: 125
ISBN 978-82-999290-0-4