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Saman Kamyab, Botanical Splendor, 2013

Saman Kamyab, Botanical Splendor, 2013

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Botanical Splendor - Saman Kamyab.  2013
Hardback book of black and white photography
Introduction by Stian Gabrielsen

Saman Kamyab's book Botanical Splendor is comprised of a series of what you could call «aesthetic accidents». What these photographs show us are the arbitrary side-products of a larger, oblivious end – the impermanent monuments that assemble in the wake of urban growth. The objects and arrangements that Kamyab depict are unintentional through and through, yet they are eerily reminiscent of the kind of structures that we are prone to think were intended by someone – they look like sculptures wrought with meaning and expressivity. Despite its conspicuous absence as embodied form, human agency is clearly a topic of Kamyab's photography.

Edition of 500
Size: 24 x 21cm
pp. 56
ISBN: 9788230323526