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Passasjerene - Stian Gabrielsen

Passasjerene - Stian Gabrielsen

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Passasjerene - Stian Gabrielsen. 2014

Passasjerene is a short story about the striving, young screenwriter-cum-blogger Helen Vaughan and her attempt to penetrate the mystery and silence that surround a new, big budget science fiction film about time travel and wormholes—produced by two major Hollywood studios. Her first break comes when she lands an interview with the retired physics professor Alan Herring, a co-author on the film. However, as the day wanes in the humid shadows of Herring’s unkempt garden and the old man’s behaviour becomes increasingly erratic...

Published by Novus Forlag 2014
Text: Norwegian
Size: 12 x 18cm
pp. 65
ISBN: 978-82-7099-779-4